As the leading vendor-neutral tech trade association, CompTIA believes in providing tools that advance the industry. We believe that by sharing our knowledge, we can make the channel operate better and more effectively.

CompTIA Channel Standards

The Definitive Best Business Practices Prescribed by Your Peers

Developed by tech industry experts – including CompTIA Community members, IT professionals and industry thought leaders – the CompTIA Channel Standards are an “open book” to the best practices in the industry, applied by service providers everywhere… making it now possible for anyone to build their business without costly consultant programs.

Standards for your business, regardless of service model.

Whether you operate as a traditional VAR, managed services provider, or a hybrid of on-premise and cloud-based servicing, the CompTIA Channel Standards can work for you. The Standards were created to be a model-neutral framework that highlights recommended business practices for the channel, regardless of your niche.

Implement today, without assessments or audits.

There are no formal assessments or audits required to enforce adherence. Instead, we wanted to provide IT businesses with access to the collective best practices of the entire industry that you can use to guide your organization’s own growth.